How To Move Without Pain

Learn How to Do This without Doing This

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Learn to Move with Pain without waiting Months for the Pain to go away

Are you in pain because you are moving poorly or moving poorly because you are in pain?

Let’s figure it out together!


Movement Assessment

How we move, how we carry ourselves, and the postures we keep ourselves in play large roles in what muscles are strong, which ones weaken and are tightened. As we age, we naturally lose muscle strength and tissue flexibility. 

Recognize Your Altered Movement Patterns

Our functional mobility and overall ability to move the way we want needs to be a cohesive ability between our joint mobility and muscle strength. Learning how YOUR joint mobility has changed and muscles have weakened will be key to recognizing how your body moves and why you have pain, feelings of weakness or imbalance. 

Learn how to move for what you need

Everyone moves differently. What do you need? What muscles do you need to strengthen? What joints need to move more to move better? Knowing what you need and why you need it, will keep you accountable for yourself and your mobility. 

Freebie #1

Physical Fix RoadMap

You need the knowledge and confidence that you are doing right for yourself and have someone by your side that will guide you in the correct exercises, postures, and programs to fit your needs. 



The Joint Pain Self Assessment

Understanding your personal joint pain and overall limitations is one of the first steps to understanding how limited you are during daily activities due to your pain, stiffness or weakness.