How To Move Without Pain

January 2022

two adults walking for health outside

5 Ways to Keep Joints Healthy

Joint health as we age is often not considered until pain starts somewhere or stiffness at a joint. We are too busy with work, kids the schedule to realize our body is changing inside, muscles could be stiffening slowly losing flexibility. Our bones could be losing cells quicker than our body is replenishing them, silently leading to osteoporosis. These changes happen throughout our lifespan, a daily internal working we rarely consider until it limits something we want to do, like hike, play sports, or run.

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women holding painful knee

Is your knee pain from a torn meniscus?

A torn meniscus is one of the most common knee injuries. The meniscus, especially the medial (inside) is prone to injury when a forceful twisting motion occurs at the knee, especially if you are standing on it when the twist occurs. That’s why meniscus is commonly torn during sports, while walking on ice or in the rain, or other activities like skiing, rollerskating, or hiking over rocks.

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women stretching her shoulder at home

How to Treat a Frozen Shoulder at Home

Frozen shoulder typically begins gradually but then progresses until you are unable to use your arm at all or make any movements without pain or difficulty. Painful and prolonged syndrome of frozen shoulder. Although women are more susceptible, anyone can develop a frozen shoulder, and having a frozen shoulder in one arm significantly increases that chance of developing a frozen shoulder on the opposite side.

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