How To Move Without Pain

November 2021

man outside in winter with knee pain

Does cold weather affect Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a very common joint disease affecting the joint cartilage that is between the bones. Pain and stiffness in and around the joint and also swelling are common symptoms with osteoarthritis. Commonly people will report more pain and stiffness as the storm is approaching, rather than when the storm is actually present. Researchers relate this phenomenon to the barometric pressure change that occurs when a storm is rolling into an area. So what in our joints are telling us a storm is coming and what can we do?

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What Helps Shoulder Pain?

Ever put on a shirt and feel a crunch in your shoulder or even worse a really sharp pain? that crunch was most likely your humeral head (the round top part of your arm bone) and your acromion (the top of the shoulder you can feel) coming too close together and rubbing against each other.  It use to be called impingement, but now it’s more often referred to as subacromial pain syndrome – big words to say the space between your humeral head and acromion are inflamed, causing you pain, and maybe shoulder stiffness.

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Why does my back hurt?

Understanding chronic pain and the cycles that can occur can play a huge role in recovery. Chronic pain, especially low back pain is very prevalent and increases as we age, especially those beyond 60years. Low back pain has a high prevalence with those who have a family history of back pain, as research is showing much more of a genetic component than originally thoughts. Chronic neck pain is more prevalent in men than women, despite women having a higher incidence of acute neck pain.

Pain is a response that occurs due to injury or illness, a warning signal that something is wrong, something needs to change or injury (further injury) could occur. Our bodies begin the healing response, sending histamines and blood flow to an area, almost as soon as the injury occurs. When the body heals, the tissues repair, the muscle spasms relieve, the bone is healed, the pain goes away. Yet not always.

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Why do my Feet and Ankles Hurt?

Foot and ankle pain can be a minor short-term nuisance to a long-term chronic issue.  The foot and ankle are a complex set of joints, that are made up of several bones, ligaments, and tendons that tolerate the full weight of the body while moving through motions and balance to control walking, running, stairs, hills, and any time we are standing on our feet.

Common symptoms of foot or ankle injuries include swelling, tenderness, stiffness, or bruising in the affected area, as well as difficulty standing or walking.
Understanding the different structures of the ankle, possible causes of injury, and ways to manage the pain is key to knowing what you can do, when you need medical help or different shoes or treatment.

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