How To Move Without Pain

July 2021

daughter walking with mom

Do you see the signs? Fall Risk or Balanced?

Research shows every 15 seconds, an elderly citizen in America is admitted to the emergency room due to a fall. As we age, losing balance becomes more common and falling becomes potentially more dangerous. Our bones may not be as strong, our ability to get up off the ground could be more difficult, and medication side effects can make the effects of falling worse (increased bruising, bleeding, or weakness). Recognizing these risk factors can help reduce the risk.

girl holding her knee cap due to pain

Understanding Pain Around your Knee Cap

Approximately 25% of adults will suffer from anterior knee pain at some point in their life. Activities such as bicycling with the seat too low, progressing training sessions too quickly without proper rest, repetitive jumping, or progressively running longer distances without allowing recovery can all be reasons for the pain to occur. This pain can cause a reduction in activity, progressive muscle weakness, and affect overall function.